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Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
to san francisco to nominate cops in roseville and the city provided every amenity for the visitors including a truckload of booze. it was the first look that san francisco was not going to take prohibition seriously. the prohibition was taking it seriously indeed. revenue agents found illegal liquor and to the horror of liquors everywhere wasted the stuff. >> now being destroyed under court order, go to it boys. >> reporter: in san francisco, and other cities the feds smashed into barrels of wine, beer, whisky and gin. sometimes providing a brief bonanza for hard drinkers along the sidewalks. in san francisco, an infamously easy going town, speak easies, bars that provided liquor to anyone who knew the right password or right number of knocks on the door flourished all over the city more or less unmolested. this place no a steak house and once a restaurant was before that the fillosopher. fill, a speak easy. the very people charged with enforcing the law would gather here for lunch and likely as not toss back a couple of drinks. the federal government was not amused by such flagra
Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
the quake ktvu's randy shandobil visited colinga to see how the city was dealing. >> reporter: most businesses are damaged beyond repair. the burped out colinga inn kept cool with water. debris cleared from the streets with bulldozers. a wall simply fell away. a table and chairs inches away from oblivion. the downtown buildings and fires kept rescue workers so busy last night that it wasn't until today that they saw the damage. scores of houses are ruined. most gas leaks were capped today but water spewed from broken pipes everywhere. tents are also everywhere as hundreds of people are camping out in front of their homes. they are afraid to go back inside. >> it started going this way and this way. and then it was like it was twisting down. and i better get in a door way or the bathroom. i've always heard that's the safest. so i got to the door way and i'm holding on like this and man i'm going everywhere. instead of steps falling out of the cubert. it's like they were throwing them around. so i felt this is not safe. so i went into the bathroom. once i got down we had a hard time g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2